Flatterby by Ingo Maurer

Designer Ingo Maurer is a master of metaphor. Among other things, he has taken the classic lightbulb shape and turned it into flying birds. With the limited-edition Flatterby, Maurer lets the bulb be itself—and also be a symbol of light.

Flatterby is a hanging lamp with ten hand-made butterflies flitting around the bulb. The bulb seems to attract the insects as if it offers something they need. It’s a facsimile of sunlight—but it’s also something else. By seeing the butterflies’ attraction to the lamp, we subconsciously acknowledge our need for illumination, both literal and spiritual.

A 3D printed ring surrounds the bulb like a halo, giving the beautiful insects somewhere to land. Maurer chose the butterfly species himself, which include the subtle Rice Paper Butterfly and the iridescent Blue Morpho, as well as a small Brown Moth.

For more information on this 200-piece specialty lamp, visit www.ingo-maurer.com.

Posted December 29, 2017 by Stoyan Ilchev

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