DLX Trunks and Racks by François Chambard

Woody by Marcel Wanders for Moooi

It’s always a nice surprise when hospitality venues welcome a little whimsy. With Woody, the little table that’s shaped like a deer, you get equal parts fun and function.

Created by Marcel Wanders, Woody is no ordinary animal: “Its slightly twisted legs indicate a gentle disposition, generating the urge to protect and cherish such a cute, vulnerable friend.”

The playful table is easy to lift and move, which is appropriate, given that Woody is a denizen of the forest. Like a deer, Woody is agile and light, a convenient table to move about a guest room or lounge.

In natural or black-stained oak, Woody can be bright and airy or dark and impish, able to enliven different habitats. Get more information at www.moooi.com.

Posted November 29, 2017 by Stoyan Ilchev

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