Piero Lissoni’s Season Sofa

Coalesse is pleased to announce that their recent distribution partnership with Viccarbe has brought some innovative additions to their portfolio: Piero Lissoni’s Season Sofa for Instance—a modular piece that deconstructs the act of sitting into its most basic elements.

In its simplest terms, Season is comprised of a cube and a vertical rectangular element. The two join together to create back and seat—a comfy and sculptural modular unit that “makes it very easy to create different compositions in an intuitive way.”

The modules also come in rounded elements, a compelling curvature that enables circular and meandering arrangements that are perfect for open seating in hospitality venues.

Viccarbe offers multiple stain-resistant upholstery options for Season in both fabric and leather. Other features include an interior structure of PEFC-certified solid wood, expanded polyurethane foam, and height-adjustable legs.

For further information, see Viccarbe and Coalesse.

Posted November 13, 2017 by Stoyan Ilchev

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