Pentatonic Takes Recycled to the Next Level

A revolutionary new concept in recycled and reclaimed furniture, Pentatonic produces lovely, ergonomic, forward-thinking furniture from discarded materials, “turning problems into opportunities; landfill into lifestyle; trash into treasure.”

A very intriguing case in point is the innovative Airtool Chair.

Airtool’s seat looks and feels like virgin wool felt, but in fact it is made of recycled plastic. And it’s rigorous and durable—built to withstand the elements, it is breathable and water-resistant.

The chair’s base challenges the seat for ingenuity. The extremely lightweight material is made with gas-assisted manufacturing technology—hollow components with an exceedingly high strength-to-weight ratio.

Further, all components are “tools in their own right.” This is flatpack furniture requiring no screws and no glues, simply your bare hands—Homo sapiens’ original and most finely perfected tool.

Both seat and base are available in a variety of colors. See Pentatonic for details on the ingenious conversion of trash into treasure and to peruse current product offerings.

Posted November 18, 2017 by Stoyan Ilchev

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