Chemetal Infused with Glowing Warmth

Masachusetts-based Chemetal is excited to announce a new wrinkle to their extensive collection of HPl and solid metal surfacing.

The Glowing Metals Collection introduces 36 new designs, including an intriguing new aesthetic of polished aluminums embossed with textural Domes and Triangles.

The release amounts to Chemetal’s largest product launch ever. According to Chemetal Creative Director and President Geoff Schaefer, “Glowing Metals is really about warmth… like glowing metal colors and energy.”

Indeed, the new designs are rapturous and reflective, imparting a futureesque mirror-like quality while simultaneously harkening back to a gilded-age brand of luxury.

As with all Chemetal products, the new offerings are suitable for multiple venues and various applications, not limited to retail displays, restaurants, workspaces, and hotels.

For further information, see Chemetal.

Posted November 8, 2017 by Stoyan Ilchev

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