Navicula by David Trubridge

Navicula by David Trubridge magnifies the designer’s collection with its unique shape and oceanic inspiration. The effect is hypnotic, with dipping undulations, intoxicating curves, and stunning symmetry. New in 2017, Navicula is available in three sizes, but it’s the shape that’s truly a departure from Trubridge’s previous work. The almost-DNA-like curves resemble an archaeological find, as if Navicula is the skeleton of a newly discovered creature. Modeled after microscopic diatoms, which are the base of the entire oceanic food chain, Navicula bends and turns in a way that makes the shape and light appear different based on one’s vantage point. Made of bamboo plywood and fitted with LED strips, Navicula continues Trubridge’s commitment to using sustainable materials and building practices. For more information, visit wakaNINE.
Posted October 12, 2017 by Alicita Rodriguez

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