Ketra Natural Lighting System

As more research reveals how diurnal and nocturnal rhythms affect physiological function and mood, companies like Ketra rise to the occasion and develop products to help us stay in step with the natural world.

Ketra’s major contribution has been to develop an LED technology that matches the sun’s daily fluctuations in light color and intensity—providing crisp white light during the day and warm amber light at night.

The many among us who work indoors, and are thus somewhat deprived of this natural rhythm, are able to stay in step with circadian patterns that clue us in on when to wake, eat, rest, and sleep.

All of Ketra’s products contain a custom driver chip—standardizing light output for each and every LED in order to “deliver perfectly calibrated light for the lifetime of the product.”

It’s easy to convert a single room or a whole system. Users may simply change bulbs and install a Ketra custom driver—a wireless hub with router connectivity to control lighting via the Ketra mobile app.

In addition to the flagship LED, Ketra offers various luminaires, lamps, interfaces, and controls, making the system appropriate to a variety of custom projects across venues, including retail, hospitality, residential, and museums.

For further information, see Ketra.

Posted October 6, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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