Watson’s Tonic Benching System

Tonic by Watson may just be the modular solution your open, collaborative work environment needs.

Designed for simplicity, agility, and functionality, Tonic Benching was inspired by strangers connecting with each other via common tables at an Amsterdam café.

Like a common table, benching encourages users to work together while preserving a modicum of privacy.

The modular system is easy to customize. Users simply choose the size of the bench (two depths and four widths offered); end treatment (truss bases with low and high storage or conference ends); and center deck components.

In reference to the above, the Tonic Bench Center Deck serves as the “landing zone” of conference infrastructure. Choices include flat, pallet, cube, or screen infills with integrated power and data. An optional “Neighborhood Light” brightens up the environs.

The Tonic Benching System offers additional options for easy customization, including worktop storage, center and side privacy screens, and various media displays and video conferencing modules.

Find out more at Watson.

Posted September 19, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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