HexParket by CarpEnter Cph & Hartmann for Junckers

What the hex? Yes, this is an oak hardwood floor featuring a strong geometric pattern. HexParket by Junckers puts the hexagon underfoot.

Designed and manufactured in Denmark by CarpEnter Cph & Hartmann, HexParket takes inspiration from “geometric patterns emerged by forces of nature and basic mathematics.” From flowers to beehives, the six-sided hexagon is a shape everyone loves.

Whether it’s the symmetry or the shapes within shapes, HexParket offers a modern look with all the beauty of hardwearing solid oak. The clean lines and hexagonal pattern create a 3D effect, so that HexParket is almost mesmerizing.

For more information, go to www.junckers.com.

Posted September 19, 2017 by Alicita Rodriguez

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