Zee by Sissy + Marley

Wallpaper designs for children keep getting more sophisticated and fun. Such is the case with Zee by Sissy + Marley.

Featuring a rhythmic pattern of zebras, Zee simplifies the animal’s signature stripes into a symmetrical, modern arrangement of parallel lines.

Available in Charcoal, Silver, Rain, and Pink, Zee is more traditional in black and white or gray and white. In pink, it’s a bold statement. By changing the characteristic color of the zebra, Zee Pink subverts expectations in an interesting way.

For white-on-white or minimalist nurseries or children’s rooms, Zee Rain features the African animal in a subtle beige that makes the stripes virtually disappear into a neutral pattern.

Zee wallcoverings are untrimmed and unpasted on clay-coated paper hand-screen printed in upstate New York. Visit www.sissyandmarley.com for more information.

Posted August 23, 2017 by Alicita Rodriguez

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