tela 100 By tela-design

Designed by Dominique Strothmann for tela-design, tela 100 is a collection of photographic compositions that are custom-sized for wall/ceiling adornment and protection. Comprised of 100 different photographic themes, the motifs are available in a variety of formats and materials: glass, canvas on a stretcher frame, metal, wood composites, and vinyl/polyester. Many of the materials are eco-certified. “I always strive to create something special, emotional and radiant,” says Strothmann, “this is why I developed the tela 100 compositions. I wanted edgy motifs, surprising as well as pleasing.” The 100 different options have a naturalistic bent; highlights include “Golden Dagger,” “Ring Around the Bamboo,” and “Turquoise Greek.” All designs are flame retardant and many are sound-absorptive. Illuminated options are available as well. For further information, see tela.
Posted August 16, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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