Outskirts Collection by Bentley

Introduced at NeoCon 2017, where it garnered many awards, the Outskirts Collection from Bentley embraces what so many designers already know—“Boundaries between home and office, personal and professional, are blurring more than ever.”

More contract furniture and surface products are acknowledging this blending of home and office. Because, let’s face it, beauty inspires us to work better and happier. The Outskirts Collection of tile and broadloom carpets revels in this integrative spirit.

The three styles in Outskirts can and should be mixed and matched to great effect, both within the new collection and with other Bentley products. Outlier features bold geometrics. Ritual resembles textured wool. And Coexist is a non-directional exploration of color and texture.

With rich textures in a broad range of colors, from “edgy neutrals to vibrant, playful hues,” the Outskirts Collection proves how stylish you can be when you apply high style to commercial carpet.

For more information, visit www.bentleymills.com.

Posted August 8, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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