Orbital Pendant by Tracy Glover

Inspired by the Fresnel lenses within Rhode Island lighthouses, Orbital Pendant by Tracy Glover is a celebration of all things circular.

The blown glass plates that emanate from Orbital’s central frame can be adorned with smooth, ridged, or twisted patterns, which means there can be circles within circles. And those circles make up a glowing sphere.

With its shiny metal spokes, Orbital Pendant is a millennial version of an atomic chandelier. The balance of glass discs and metal rods reminds me of a circus plate spinner, except that with Glover’s creation the motion has been frozen.

Orbital Chandelier is available in 19 colors, 4 textures, and 5 lustres, with a choice of 5 metal finishes.

Visit www.tracygloverstudio.com for more information.

Posted August 11, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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