#NETworking Livens Up the Workspace

A NeoCon favorite for conference furniture, the Formaspace #NETworking Table is “the answer to the changing function of the conference room and evolution of workplace culture.”

If “evolution” can be equated with “more table tennis,” then the above is certainly true. For NETworking’s core innovation is its seamless transition into an exceedingly slick ping-pong table.

The concept is sublime in its simplicity. The table is comprised of two height-adjustable collaboration tables that easily interlock to from a regulation 5’x9’ table for this favorite pastime.

The ensemble gives users an impressive array of options: dual standing or seated collaboration tables, a large sitting or standing conference table, and of course the fast-paced recreation of table tennis.

Options for NETworking abound: nine work/play tops including three hardwoods and six laminates; industrial-strength base levelers; a variety of hardwood pulls; floor-saving rolling casters; monitor mounts; and integrated power, data, and wire management.

The lifting mechanism is also user-friendly—a Bluetooth-enabled cordless electric device allows easy adjustability up to 56”. Perforated steel net and a pair of solid wood paddles are included. For additional information, contact Formaspace.

Posted August 8, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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