Merge LED Systems from Tech Lighting

Tech Lighting’s Element LED Merge Suspended and Flush Mount Linear Systems offer unprecedented flexibility for optimal illumination. The suspended system synthesizes the best of indirect up- and down-lighting, suspended track lighting, and pendants. The flush mount offers all of the above (minus the up-lighting of course) with the seamless aesthetic of flush mount styles. Both systems can be configured for a continuous 80-foot run from a single feed. Further options include a 90-degree connector for illuminated turns, drop-down spots with Tech Lighting low-voltage heads or pendants, and a variety of dimming and control options. Dimming functions and controls for spot heads and pendants may be controlled independently from the linear channel LEDs, thus creating opportunities for highlighting of architectural elements, spotlighting, and other creative applications. For additional Information, contact Tech Lighting.
Posted August 3, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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