Floating Curved Sofa from Holly Hunt’s Vladimir Kagan Collection

Iconic designer Vladimir Kagan died in April of last year, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and inspiration.

The Floating Curved Sofa is a signature piece, exhibiting his philosophy that “less is more” while exemplifying the hypnotic organic contours that characterized much of his work.

The sofa features walnut and wool upholstery—a spare materials palette that keeps the piece light and lithe, lovely to look at and even lovelier to lounge on.

Holly Hunt partnered with Kagan in 2014. The company presently offers an unadulterated Vladimir Kagan collection: chairs, chaises, consoles, lamps, and more, each offering Kagan’s unrivaled craftsmanship and signature sinuosity.

Multiple upholstery options are available. See Holly Hunt for additional information.

Posted August 1, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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