Spokes Large from Foscarini

Designed by Garcia Cumini Associati for Foscarini, the Spokes Large lamp offers a soft interplay of moving light and shadow.

Lit by two LED bulbs at the bottom, one aimed upward through the fixture and the other downward, the oval, bicycle-spoke inspired wire caging appears to move as the observer travels around it.

The shadows on shadows and slightly moire effect created by the two-point lighting arrangement make the Spokes Large an intricate, interesting, yet unobtrusive focal point.

Garcia Cumini has taken both the bicycle’s everyday nature and the visual fascination of its spokes to create a softly rounded, organic shape that pays homage to both machinic and natural worlds.

For more information, visit www.foscarini.com.

Posted July 28, 2017 by Alicita Rodriguez

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