Neocon 2017: River by Global

Education furniture continues to get smart about the way people learn. And River by Global is a perfect example of this industry knowledge. Now showing at NeoCon, River is a modular system for collaboration—“a place where ideas, insight and inspiration can be shared.” series_river_02 Three height backs, interlocking capabilities, and diverse seating units, including straight and curved, make River a little oasis in school, lounge, university, and library areas. Power and USB capabilities turn River into a little study or work haven. River white Global outfitted River with one very clever feature, 6.5-inch tapered legs, which makes cleaning super easy. That means that River will remain stylish. Students and workers can gather at the River instead of the water cooler. 3477-0 Visit for more information.
Posted June 14, 2017 by Alicita Rodriguez

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