Maximize Space with Ori

Maximize Space with Ori

Want to increase your living space without moving or knocking down a wall ? Check out Ori. This ingenious fusion of architecture and robotics enables seamless movement of large pieces of furniture at the push of a button.


Premised on the notion that urban living spaces have become far too expensive to be static, Ori maximizes living space by making individual rooms truly transformative.


Present offerings include Full and Queen Systems. For both of these, a fully programmable interface facilitates rapid and seamless movement of the entire wardrobe/console, as well as bed, desk, and various projecting shelves.


The bed can be made to completely vanish into the wardrobe, and the wardrobe/console can migrate entirely into the corner-freeing up floor space for working, lounging, eating, and exercise.

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Both systems offer a companion app, enabling reconfiguration from anywhere in the world. Contact Ori for additional information.

Posted June 10, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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