Poggenpohl’s Corporate Kitchen

Cooking By The Book is a Tribeca-based demonstration kitchen and culinary hotbed specializing in corporate team-building events—“educating, challenging and rewarding clients through hands-on cooking programs guided by chefs.” 1 Founder Suzen O’Rourke and luxury kitchen manufacturer Poggenpohl recently partnered up to remodel the facility. 2 Featuring Poggenpohl’s Laminate Teak Lava Cabinetry and Caesarstone Surfaces, the revamped Cooking By The Book is beautiful and durable—an idealized fusion of form and function. 3 In addition to optimizing workflow, the new space is modern and minimalist, yet preserves all the tools of the trade. 4 Flush-closing doors maintain a streamlined look and make cleaning less difficult. Hidden storage heightens the aesthetic while enhancing functionality. 5 For further information about the revamped Cooking By The Book, see Poggenpohl.
Posted April 13, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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