Kitchen Power Dock and Flip-Up Power Grommet by Mockett

Power in the kitchen is a necessity, and architectural hardware company Mockett knows how to keep power within reach. Kitchen Power Dock and Flip-Up Power Grommet allow cooks to plug in their culinary instruments (and their personal electronics).


The PCS34 Kitchen Power Dock comes in multiple configurations and finishes, putting power within reach safely and simply. Designed for kitchen islands, countertops, and other potential wet areas, PCS 34 units feature a watertight seal, protecting the power unit in both open and closed positions. Just pull up to access power, then hide the unit when you’re done. Mockett has also recently introduced the PCS77 model.


Mockett’s Flip-Up Power Grommets provide power and USB charging with an easy flip. The PCS36 models click closed and sit nearly flush with the surface. In small, medium, and large sizes, the Flip-Up Power Grommets install easily in any type of furniture.


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Posted April 20, 2017 by Alicita Rodriguez

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