Veritas Medical Solutions’ SmartVue Natural Light Solution

Historically, cancer treatment rooms have been conceived of as “bunkers,” completely walled-in spaces to contain radiation—and absent windows that permit leakage.


Veritas Medical Solutions is changing that mentality with their SmartVue Natural Light Solution, a wall system with an integrated window that doesn’t affect the integrity of surrounding radiation shielding.


The system marks the first time that patients undergoing radiation therapy can have a view of the outdoors—improving mood several fold by enabling interaction with the natural environment and thus improving the patient experience.


Veritas’ SmartVue Natural Light Windows utilize the company’s patented VeriShield technology: “a no-compromise design solution that will improve the experience of patients, oncologists, physicists, and administrators—everyone in the continuum of cancer care.”


Veritas’ offers a variety of integrated radiation shielding window systems: multiple sizes and configurations as well as full- and partial-bay windows. For additional information, see Veritas Medical Solutions.

Posted March 17, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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