Modular Arts Introduces Books, Midcentury, and Stan

Modular Arts recently introduced three new patterns to their line of fully dimensional, double-sided cast rock walls: Books, Midcentury, and Stan. These InterlockingRock BLOCKS add interest and drama to any space.


Books resembles stacked hardcover tomes—a perfect choice for libraries, bars, and literary lounges. Midcentury is a grid of geometric lines with a perfect square in the center, recalling the concrete breeze blocks of Palm Springs. And Stan is a vertically oriented collection of stacked stone. It is a dynamic motif that looks like a bar graph come to life.


Made of cast rock with a plant-based foam core, InterlockingRock BLOCKS create healthy, fire-safe walls. The fit-together units make for quick and easy installation too.


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Posted March 13, 2017 by Alicita Rodriguez

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