Tape Light Lights the Way

Get crafty and stay smart with Tape Light from National Specialty Lighting. This clever, versatile, and cost-efficient product enables beautiful, creative, precision lighting in all sorts of unexpected places.

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Comprised of LEDs mounted to flexible printed circuit boards, Tape Light offers 4.3 watts per foot brightness. A single one of NSL’s Class 2 LED Drivers facilitates illumination for a 20 foot run.


Even better, mounting the product is a simple peel-and-stick affair—there’s 3M tape pre-applied to the back.


With six LED colors, Tape Light enlivens any number of nooks. Applications are limited only by the imagination of the user, but immediate ideas include aisles and stairways; cabinets and coves; pathways and facades; and back, showcase, and linear lighting.

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Posted February 3, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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