Mooning over Zaneen’s New Outdoor Light

Zaneen’s aptly named Moon LED fixture is a beautiful and versatile ringlet of outdoor light. Moon-15 Just like its lunar namesake, Moon emits a liminal nimbus of light—illuminating the environs in a soft and subtle glow. Moon-14 But don’t be deceived by the gentle nature of the light. Moon is ultra durable: made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, it features an outer layer of iridite. An epoxy powder base coating and polyester paint completes this triumvirate of resistance to the elements. Moon-11 And Moon is seamless and smooth—its minimalist aesthetic achieved by hiding fasteners and covering its fixing plate. The power supply, too, is cleverly integrated into the fixture. Moon-02 Lastly, Moon is watertight—just one of the many aspects linking this innovative lightpiece to the celestial body above. Moon-01 For further information about Moon, see Zaneen.
Posted February 9, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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