La Luna Loves Lunetta by Amerlux

A major innovation in outdoor lighting, the Lunetta LED Luminaire from Amerlux achieves what most pedestrian luminaires do not: evenly distributed outdoor light—without the appearance of “a glare bomb on a stick.” Amerlux Lunetta The above sentiment comes courtesy of EdisonReport’s Randy Reid, who lauded Lunetta upon its recent LightTrades Award accolade: “Lunetta is a seamless, glare-free, funnel-shaped luminaire, which uses a curvilinear three-dimensional form to create a shielding mechanism, resulting in a beautiful lamppost with low-glare, soft, Lambertian illumination.” lunetta-28-005large Just like the moon, Lunetta is indeed lovely to look at. Departing from the usual aesthetic of outdoor lighting posts, Lunetta has a seamless and streamlined appearance, resembling the most comely of smaller-scale indoor luminaires. lunetta2016_549x549C Lunetta’s form and function are one and the same. The luminaire emits light in an even glow from tip to top. The secret is Lunetta’s hidden, recessed, downward-faced LEDs—sending light down the pole in a gentle gradation that creates a sublimely gorgeous glow. lunetta-final-final1large Lunetta is available in a wide-range of mounting heights—from 16 to 24 feet—and variously sized top caps. See Amerlux for more information.
Posted January 13, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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