The Chaperone LED Luminaire by Amerlux

How nice it would be if parking garages could transform from the dank, dark, and often scary locations they are into “safe, pedestrian-friendly venues with top visibility and new levels of safety.” amerlux-chaperone-1jpg Perhaps they can. At the very least, the Amerlux Chaperone LED luminaire is an auspicious step in the right direction. Created as a replacement for tired linear fluorescent, HPS, and metal halide fixtures, this motion-sensing, wireless-operable, glare-reducing, smart light can improve the parking garage experience, while also saving energy and improving visibility. amerlux-3jpg Offered in 48 and 73 watt models, Chaperone is dimmable with a 0-10 volt dimming system. Motion sensors detect the activity of driving and walking, illuminating the environs and then rapidly dimming once the area is vacated. amerlux-chaperone-2jpg Chaperone features a durable die-cast aluminum housing, a clear acrylic lens with silicone gaskets, and a single LED board design for easy replacement. Options include standard junction box or trunnion mount and a standard silver finish or custom choices from the extensive Amerlux palette. For additional information, contact Amerlux.
Posted December 8, 2016 by Joseph Starr

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