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Teknion’s Community Table Invites Conversation

Teknion, table The advancement of the digital age has championed accessibility, knowledge, and connectivity. We learn, unite, create, and consume through a series of keystrokes as our lives are interwoven by fiber optics and the sharing of data. This era is rife with information, but, as our devices have become our indispensable lifelines, privacy is familiar and interpersonal interaction is foreign. Teknion, table Teknion’s release of its Community Table at this year’s NeoCon tradeshow in Chicago is bringing connection, collaboration, chatter, and creative juices back in a big way. Designed in tune with human needs and interactive modern work styles, Community Table offers users simple, straight-forward, and welcoming space to invite conversation. Teknion, table Community Table, developed in conjunction with Michael Vanderbyl, is ideal for use in office lobbies and reception areas, corporate cafes, and open work areas. Tables are available in custom dimensions to meet clients’ individual needs, and access to power is provided via a central trough. Product finishes include natural and Flintwood veneers, as well as specialty finishes. For more information, visit Teknion.com.
Posted August 18, 2016 by staffwriter

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