At First Blush: Porcelana Uplights by J Schatz

At First Blush: Porcelana Uplights by J Schatz

It's quite possible that these Porcelana Uplights by J Schatz, a Providence, Rhode Island-based design studio, can outshine even the most beautiful of sunsets.

porcelanauplight-pink-on copy

Made using pieces of handcrafted porcelain that are cut at angles, each lamp has a glossy interior finish with raw, unglazed exteriors. The finishing touch: an LED light that glows for up to 50,000 hours.

porcelanauplight-group-white copy

Lamps are available in one of two colors, orange peel or pink, and can be used as nightlights or as subdued lighting to give a rosy glow to any interior.

porcelanauplight-group-on copy

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