Znak Tears-Off Wallpaper

Manufacturer Znak and Dutch conceptual artist Aldo Kroese have teamed up to create a unique modular wallpaper. Constructed of a vinyl coating on a non-woven backing, “Tears-Off” is perforated in a repeating pattern suggestive of the dew-drop shape of freshly-shed tears.

Znak 2

Znak 4

Users may prep the wall in any medium/design/color they wish. As they tear-off pieces along the perforation, the forms behind are revealed and intermingled within the tear-drop shape.



In the process, “color and texture underneath the wallpaper become a significant element within the design.”


Znak 3

See www.znak-life.com for examples of Tears-Off applications and further information about the Znak line.

Posted July 26, 2016 by Joseph Starr

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