Brody WorkLounge by Steelcase

It’s been quite some time since work became mobile, but some furniture manufacturers have not made large design shifts. Thankfully, Steelcase looked at research on how we move and how we think. The company’s Brody WorkLounge addresses the needs of our bodies and our brains.


Increasingly, we have been using lounge furniture in open spaces to get our work done—but this furniture was not designed for working. The Brody WorkLounge, however, has an adjustable work surface that keeps technology at eye level, provides a place to rest your elbow, and delivers good lighting and storage, “so you can focus your attention, get into flow and get work done.”


The Brody WorkLounge also offers a cocoon-like design that lets you escape distractions. And its patented LiveLumbar™ technology brings ergonomic design to lounging positions. These features explain why Brody WorkLounge recently won Silver at the 2016 Edison Awards, which honor innovation.


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Posted July 29, 2016 by Alicita Rodriguez

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