LIFE Shower By Makro

LIFE is a shower project with a rigorous design functional for everyone, thought to answer the demands of those who love to indulge in an all-around shower, always keeping in mind the needs of children, the elderly and people with temporary impairment.

MAKRO_LIFE_innesto bloccato

The shower system redefines space and integrates functions never thought of before. Designer Giulio Gianturco had this intuition after noticing that the market was neglecting both aesthetic and practical requirements in a ‘shower for everyone’.

MAKRO_LIFE_innesto libero

The Body Dryer integrated in the technical wall allows the user to dry off without using a towel, whilst being inside the shower until in a warm and comfortable space where it is also possible to have a look in the mirror, shave and dry hair.

MAKRO_LIFE_body dryer integrato

More information about the shower can be found at

Posted April 9, 2016 by Jacob Slevin

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