‘Tradition Deconstructed’ By Tufenkian

In fashion and art there is a growing and long overdue fascination with what was once overlooked
as “merely” the unremarkable but necessary elements underlying a thing’s construction. Fashion
designers from Rome to Tokyo expose seams in their creations as an enchanting design device.
Furniture makers strip away upholstery to reveal the raw frame beneath. Visionary architects
bring the steel skeletons of their proudest projects to the exterior of the structure, or expose them
through glass to amaze with the beauty of what was historically passed by as mechanics and
engineering best hidden away.


This is the inspiration for TRADITION DECONSTRUCTED by Tufenkian, a revolution in the art and
craft of carpet weaving. Each piece in this collection in its own way celebrates the elements of its
construction and composition by bringing them forward and introducing them as the art itself. Pile
is artfully removed revealing the knots themselves and the foundation of warp and weft which
supports them, and upon which they are tied. As a result the infinite variations and play of
handspun yarns and hand knotting beguile the eye as simple pattern and color cannot.


While DECONSTRUCTED relies on the touch of the hand as with all Tufenkian products, the focus
shifts from design, color, materials, technique and weave to the finishing of the carpets which
begins after they are woven. Finishing in this collection is a journey through which each piece
passes, and involves a number of proprietary processes that take weeks to complete. The rugs are
hand-washed multiple times, dried in sun and shade, aged, weathered, and hand-sheared. The
result is carpets that may not last for generations, but which will captivate the eye for decades with
their infinite complexity—the pure expression of the multitude of human hands that created them.


About the company-Tufenkian Artisan Carpets has set the standard in luxury, hand-made carpets for over 30 years. Made with the finest natural materials and handcraftsmanship, Tufenkian Carpets are destined to last a lifetime and become more beautiful with age. Our modern designs are as timeless as our quality, creating an heirloom that can pass from one generation to the next.

Posted March 29, 2016 by Jacob Slevin

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