Geke Lensink & Jesse Visser of eQ+ Design a Customizable Seat

Geke Lensink & Jesse Visser of eQ+ Design a Customizable Seat

Amsterdam-based designer Jesse Visser and Geke Lensink of Dutch manufacturer eQ+ have created an adaptable aluminum seating system.

Alumini Sledge white pink front

Alumni is a folded aluminum seat with five different base options

As well as its multiple base options, the Alumni comes with endless coatings (Nickel, Gold, Black, Black Brass and White) and Kvadrat fabric and leather upholstery options in various different colors, so that it can be customized for different environments and settings.

Alumni Task

The Alumni Task has a swivel base for office environments.

Alumni Sledge

Light and elegant, the shape of the sledge frame chair works well around the boardroom table or in a cafeteria setting.

Alumni Wood

The warm and natural base of the Alumni Wood makes it suitable for hospitality environments.

Alumni Grace

The slim folded legs of the Alumni Grace seamlessly blend into the folded aluminum seat...

Alumini Alpha back plain front

...while the thick folded legs of the alumni Alpha give the chair a strong, sculptural stance.

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About the manufacturer: eQ+ is a Dutch contract furniture manufacturer based in Tilburg. Headed by designers  by Geke Lensink & Jesse Visser the furniture is made with innovative and sustainable materials and designed to strike a balance between craftsmanship, modern production techniques and timeless design.

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