Umleiter Suspension Lamp by Veronika Gombert

Umleiter Suspension Lamp by Veronika Gombert

'Umleiter' (meaning 'diverter' in German) is a flexible suspension lamp designed by Veronika Gombert that uses a simple mechanism to adjust the direction of its light.


Veronika Gombert's 'Umleiter' provides a neat solution for room situations where the ceiling rose is inconveniently positioned.

The lamp's cord is channeled through an aluminum rod and is held in place by the sliding friction created by the weight of the hanging hand spun metal lamp shade. The lamp can be be turned 360° and can therefore be positioned anywhere within the rod's 1m radius reaching distance.


Gombert explains, 'For example when a dining table is a meter off the ceiling wiring or you simply want to be flexible in moving furniture and with it the light source. Working with pure gravity it is a lighting tool, helping you to get light in the most direct and simplest way to where you need it.'


The lamp's drop and distance work in dependency and can be preset. 'Umleiter' is available in three different colors - black, gold and red. Contact for details.

About the designer: Born in 1987 Veronika Gombert is a German industrial designer. She studied at the Academy of Art and Design, HGK, FHNW in Switzerland and worked over the last years for Vitra (Birsfelden), Jasper Morrison (Paris / London) and BarberOsgerby (London). In 2013 she set up her own practice.

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