Brilliant Collection by Zeftron Nylon

Brilliant Collection by Zeftron Nylon

After conducting its 2013 Color Survey, Zeftron nylon, a division of Shaw Industries, developed seven new colors of its nylon 6 fiber yarns. By collaborating with mill partners and A&D professionals, Zeftron created the new Brilliant Collection. Designers voted on the colors they considered most important, and the results are in: Hot Pink, Lemon, Brilliant Orange, Lime, Electric Blue, Bay Blue and Raspberry Wine. These Zeftron nylon colors will make their way into countless commercial carpets, harmonizing with Zeftron's existing color palette.

 Colorful Nylon 6 Yarns Destined for Commercial Carpet

Brilliant Collection by Zeftron Nylon

Zeftron nylon is a renewable premium nylon 6 fiber that contains a minimum of 25 percent recycled content. The colors are solution-dyed and known for their colorfastness, stain removal, and wear and static control. The Brilliant Collection of bold hues gives designers and specifiers "even greater inspiration for creating the commercial carpet product they desire."

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About the Manufacturer: Zeftron nylon has been producing innovative nylon 6 products for more than 40 years. Part of Shaw Industries, Inc., Zeftron uses nylon yarns that are closed-loop recyclable and MBDC Cradle to Cradle certified. Zeftron also has an all-inclusive carpet recycling program as part of the company's environmental stewardship.

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