Floral-Inspired: Lighting Trend

Floral-Inspired: Lighting Trend

Plants and flowers have provided an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers throughout history. Here we highlight five new lamps whose designs are inspired by blooms and botany.

Bloom Lamp by Constantin Bolimond

Constantin Bolimond's Flower-shaped lamp is embedded with an optical sensor that allows it's petals to gradually open up and illuminate as light decreases - the reverse of the nyctinasty movement found in nature where flowers bloom in the daylight and close at night time.

Mario Alessiani Bloemi lamp for Formabilio

Mario Alessiani's Bloemi lamp for Formabilio has a shade made up of six rounded, upholstered and padded MDF panels that are arranged like soft petals around the bulb.

Bloom lamp by Kristine Five Melvær

Bloom is a series of three table lamps designed by Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær and inspired by forms found in nature. Made from printed canvas, the shades resemble flower buds, hanging fruits or water droplets.

Dune by Studio Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde's Dune is an interactive landscape of poles topped with LED lamps that respond to sound and motion. Appearing like water reeds swaying in the breeze, the poles illuminate as people walk by.

White Pendant Chandelier Lampus Plus

Light is diffused through the specially positioned, curved plastic petals of Lampus PlusWhite Pendant Chandelier.

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