Whatnot Shelving by Phil Procter

Whatnot Shelving by Phil Procter

Introduced last month at the Salone del Mobile 2014, Whatnot is a sleek and minimal display shelving system by Rotterdam-based designer Phil Procter1 Whatnot Shelving - Phil Procter LR

Made from matt black anodized aluminum and solid ash, the design is a modern interpretation of classic 18th century shelving designs.

Typically supported by two or four upright posts, 18th century Ã‰tagère and Whatnot shelves were designed for showcasing artifacts and personal treasures in the home. Reduing the design to its essentials, Procter's shelving is based on a strict grid system and all proportions are carefully considered.

Whatnot Shelving 5- Phil Procter LR

For more information visit cargocollective.com/philprocter

About the designer: Phil Procter is a young British product designer based in Rotterdam, NL. Established in 2010, his studio focuses on creating charming, honest and considered objects. Familiar materials such as wood and steel are used with intelligence and formal grace, utilising their individual attributes to create beautiful forms and desirable objects. These products are manufactured and distributed directly by the studio or in collaboration with international design-led brands.

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