Spindle Pendants by Tarek Merlin for Feix&Merlin

Spindle Pendants by Tarek Merlin for Feix&Merlin

Named after traditional spindle lamps, the Spindle Pendants are a new line of four hand blown glass lamps created by new British design brand Tarek Merlin for Feix&Merlin.


Combining light and airy glass shades and traditional Edison bulbs with old English brass lamp holders, the Spindle pendants are the perfect meeting of modernity and tradition.

Made in collaboration with glassblowers Rothschild & Bickers, the lamps are hand-made in the UK by glass specialists based in Hertfordshire. The pendants come in three profiles and four finishes; The Dorchester (clear glass, ribbed finish); The Wentworth (smoky grey glass); The Charlotte Diamond finish (clear glass, diamond finish) and The Charlotte Clear finish (clear glass).

Spindle Pendants by Tarek Merlin for Feix&Merlin_Charlotte

Simple yet elegant, the Charlotte clear finish has a voluminous form with a light and airy feeling.

Spindle Pendants by Tarek Merlin for Feix&Merlin_Charlotte_Diamonde

The glass shade of the Charlotte Diamond features a soft diamond finish that creates a beautiful effect around the room as the light passes through the diamond finish of the glass and casts subtle shadows on the walls.

Spindle Pendants by Tarek Merlin for Feix&Merlin_Wentworth

The smokey grey color of the glass of the Wentworth pendant creates diffused subtle shadows of the blue/gray colour.

Spindle Pendants by Tarek Merlin for Feix&Merlin_Dorchester

The curvaceous form of the Dorchester pendant evokes the idea of the hourglass profile of the 50's pin-up, and the ribbed finish of corsetry and detail of lace.

Spindle Pendants by Tarek Merlin for Feix&Merlin_3

For more information contact tarek@feixandmerlin.com or visit shop.feixandmerlin.com

About the manufacturer: TMforF&M, Tarek Merlin for Feix&Merlin, is a new furniture, product and lighting design brand, borne out of London based architecture studio Feix&Merlin Architects. This year, the studio launched its first capsule collection of furniture and lighting.

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