Bio Mass Light by Jay Watson

Made from locally sourced ash branches, Bio Mass Lights by Jay Watson are "inspired by the current talk of using biomass as a carbon neutral fuel." Instead of shaping the branches, Watson has chosen to keep their "unique organic shapes and the intriguing patterns and texture of the bark."

Organic Ash Branches Fitted with Ultra-Efficient LEDs

Bio Mass Light by Jay Watson

Released in 2013, Bio Mass Lights hang from a red braided cable that provides a lovely contrast to the natural green, gray, and brown hues of the ash. But don't let the rustic pendants fool you-they optimize energy savings by using ultra-efficient LED fittings. Bio Mass Lights are available as individual pendants, as well as in customized groups.

Bio Mass Light by Jay Watson

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About the Designer: Jay Watson is a UK-based, Australian born designer-maker known for using unexpected materials in inventive ways. His background in manufacturing gives him the technical understanding to explore conceptual designs and to develop the production techniques needed to bring them to fruition.

Posted November 7, 2013 by Alicita Rodriguez

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