Bath by Norm for Menu

Bath by Norm for Menu

Last year we reported on the launch of the popular Bath series by NORM for Danish brand Menu, which comprised five functional bathroom accessories with sleek forms and distinctive rounded bases. This year sees the brand expand the collection to include a towel rail, storage ladder, toilet roll holder and a shower screen wiper.

Bath 02_Forlaenget_uden_spejl

Designed by architects Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn of Copenhagen-based studio NORM, the new Menu Bath products demonstrate the designers' love of minimalist and functional style.

The Bath Ladder is an informal and flexible piece of furniture made for storing towels and accessories in the bathroom - clothes in the bedroom - or scarves and coats in the hallway. Thanks to a leather strap handle at the top, the ladder is easy to move around the house.

Bath by Norm for Menu_Towel Ladder_Black-Dark Oak_Norm_01

The Towel Bar and Toilet Roll Holder are designed in the same simple and recognizable style.

Bath by Norm for Menu_Toilet Roll Holder_Black_Norm_01

Rounded and soft in expression, a floating band with a matte surface provides a functional and visually striking storage solution.

Bath by Norm for Menu_Towel Bar_Black_Norm_01

Finally the Wiper is an easy to grip silicone tool for cleaning the shower screen. A simple cord allows you to hang it in the shower or on a little hook ready for use.

Bath by Norm for Menu_Wiper Concrete_Norm_10

Kasper Rønn from Norm architects explains: "With Wiper we really focused on finding the point where there was nothing more we could possibly add or subtract, to make it a better product. It was a bit of a test to see just how simple it could be made."

Bath by Norm for Menu

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About the manufacturer: In 1979, Simon Hansen establisheed the family-owned company called Danish Steel House, which supplied steel products to the catering industry. Nine years later, Bjarne Hansen developed the company's famous Irish coffee set, which become an impressive, international sales success and today.  In 1998, Danish Steel House become known as Menu, and has been known ever since for it's innovative, stylish and modern home accessories. 

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