Northern Lighting Re-issues Cathrine Kullberg’s Classic Norwegian Forest Lamps

Cathrine Kullberg has been a designer and project manager at the famed Thomas Heatherwick Studio, a project leader at Norsk Form at the Norwegian Centre of Design, and a freelance journalist for several Norwegian magazines and newspapers. All of that gives her an eclectic resume and a wide body of interests, but her true love lies in translucency and wood veneer-a distinctively Scandinavian obsession.

Cathrine Kullberg's Distinctively Lovely Norwegian Forest Lamps

Northern Lighting Re-issues Cathrine Kullberg's Classic Norwegian Forest Lamps

Kullberg's Norwegian Forest series of pendant lamps epitomizes the interest mentioned above. Designed in 2007, these stunning lightpieces in ash or birch resemble fine art more than anything as utilitarian as a lamp, yet the combination of beautiful, original wooden etchings and subtle backlighting is expertly synthesized within the two media: "veneer, light, and translucency-combining modern technology and traditional craft techniques into a lamp."

Northern Lighting Re-issues Cathrine Kullberg's Classic Norwegian Forest Lamps

To create her Norwegian Forest lamps, Kullberg fashions a cylindrical shade of double layered Nordic birch or ash veneer lined with white paper fleece. The forest scene depicted therein is laser cut in the pattern of Kulberg's original art.

Northern Lighting Re-issues Cathrine Kullberg's Classic Norwegian Forest Lamps

Manufacturer Northern Lighting is re-issuing these iconic lamps this year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in an international launch that's certain to propel Kullberg's lovely lamps far beyond the shores of Scandinavia. If you can't make it to the fair, contact Northern Lighting for specifying information:

About the Manufacturer: Oslo's Northern Lighting has tapped into the singular atmospheric quality of Scandinavia's rarefied latitudes to create a lighting line "inspired by the unique Nordic nature, culture and society and the very special natural light." Northern Lighting offers a diverse and distinctive collection, including work by the iconic interior architect Gerhard Berg and the accomplished artist Anu Moser.

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