New Textiles by Dorothy Cosonas for Knoll Luxe

What do an affluent Philadelphia suburb, a forest in India, and a peak in the Austrian Alps have in common? Besides the manifest allure to adventurous tourists, the answer is they’ve each caught the eye (and the ear) of Knoll Luxe creative director Dorothy Cosonas, who has chosen to christen each of the three new fall fabrics after the above—respectively, Abingdon, Zimba, and Aranya.

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New Textiles by Knoll Luxe Feature Natural Fibers and a Modernist Aesthetic

The collection is an alluring synthesis of innovative fibers and artful patterns. The names reinforce the look and feel of each: Abingdon’s 72% cotton, 28% polyester blend comes in five colorways—its subtle yet sublime pattern is the epitome of restrained style; Zimba, for its part, references classic houndstooth while defamiliarizing same through its unorthodox yet effective use of chunky wool and cotton yarns; lastly, Aranya’s 55% linen, 24% rayon, and 21% cotton blend is the perfect formula for exotic luxury sans ostentation.

knoll, Knoll Luxe, Textiles, Residential textiles

Like all of Cosonas’ textiles, the new patterns employ innovative weaves and unorthodox materials... “rooted in the classic Knoll modernist sensibility that carefully combines color, pattern and texture, while making use of more luxurious and luscious natural fibers.” For specifying information, contact Knoll Textiles at 1-866-565-5858.

knoll, Knoll Luxe, Textiles, Residential textiles

About the Manufacturer: Designer and creative maven Dorothy Cosonas heads up Knoll Luxe, the luxury textile division of the famed furnishings manufacturer. “Influenced by a passion for fine art and international fashion,” Cosonas designs industry-leading textiles widely lauded for their aesthetic novelty, technical innovation, and textural allure.

Posted November 1, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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