InterlockingRock by modularArts

These interlocking wall panels, tiles and blocks by Seattle-based company Modular Arts make it possible to apply just about any pattern or texture imaginable to your walls. The extensive catalog includes everything from a sumptuous chesterfield-effect to a giant floral design.

Cast from durable, fire-safe rock, InterlockingRock can transform your walls into a sculptural art work.

The modules can be easily trimmed to size on-site and are available in three options; panels, tiles, and blocks. The large-scale dimensional panels work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted sculptural wall, great for hotel lobbies, commercial offices, and nightclubs. They are cast from a durable, safe and healthy mineral composite with embedded layers of glass fiber, lightweight volcanic aggregate, and steel reinforcements. Easy to install,  the tiles snap into place and steel reinforced registration tabs ensure time-proven, steadfast joints.

The Small-scale tiles are made in high grade industrial gypsum are designed for tighter areas and more intimate spaces. Finally, the Blocks stack together to create sculptural double-sided screen and partition walls. The Blocks are made with a cast rock shell and a lightweight soy-based core.

All of modularArts’ products are composed of entirely non-toxic materials and each finishing kit comes with a set of low-VOC components.

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About the manufacturer: modularArts is a Seattle-based company that has been designing and producing technologically advanced gypsum based 3-dimensional wall panel materials since 2002. The company is dedicated to the manufacture of smart products and applies the newest technologies to its design processes, and throughout its U.S. manufacturing facility. 


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