Past is Present: Reclaimed Designs by Uhuru

Smithsonian TV's visit last week to Uhuru's Red Hook studio speaks to the longevity inherent in the company's furniture designs-but whether or not they are memorialized on film, the firm's pieces will be around to speak for themselves for ages to come. Looking to the future but drawing from the past with reclaimed and repurposed materials, the design-build company released several modern heirlooms at Design Week 2012. Here's a look at their newest Brooklyn-made pieces:

Locally sourced, reclaimed materials lend instant patina to modern designs

The Danish modern-inspired DK Chair (top) was part of Uhuru's relaunch of former creations in new styles and finishes at Phaidon's show. Here it is pictured in vintage black leather with a blackened steel frame and black walnut armrests.

Past is Present: Reclaimed Designs by Uhuru

At the Noho Design District show, Uhuru collaborated with master knitters Wool and the Gang to create a collection of textural pieces with a homemade feel (above). The line includes a sling chair with a knitted cotton seat over a round steel frame, and a multi-faceted chandelier with a woolen diffuser stretched over a slender steel frame.

Past is Present: Reclaimed Designs by Uhuru

The company was one of five designers selected to participate in the first Core77 Open. They presented the Strap End Table (above), fabricated with stout pieces of reclaimed pine from New York City's timber factory buildings. The wood is cinched by leather straps, which are meant to call to mind belted textbooks of yore.

Past is Present: Reclaimed Designs by Uhuru

At the 12 X 12 exhibition within the Wanted Design Show, Uhuru repurposed maintenance scaffolding from the city's public elementary schools into a "grown up" school desk called PS 17 (above).

Normal production lead-time for standard orders orders is 8 to 10 weeks from the date of deposit; normal lead-time for custom orders is 10 to 12 weeks. For more information on specifying a piece, visit the company's web site, email, or call (718) 855-6519.

About the Manufacturer: Uhuru is a design-build furniture company dedicated to sustainability and creating timeless designs. The company builds each piece by hand in its Red Hook, Brooklyn, studio. They find truth the shaker assertion that "beauty rests on utility" and work to make furniture and products that are beautiful in their simplicity with an awareness of materials and craft. Many of Uhuru's designs utilize materials that have been reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, reused, or otherwise rejected from their original function.

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