Triangulation Underfoot: Isos Collection by Milliken Carpet

The Isos Collection by Milliken Carpet takes its name from the Greek word Isos, meaning equal, which is also the root word for isosceles. A celebration of the triangle, the Isos Collection is precise, linear, and modern: “This modular tile collection is a Bauhaus-like celebration; reducing form to its most simplistic and pure expression—a diagonal line bisecting a square.” Designed by Cresta Bledsoe, the Isos Collection includes three patterns: Diagonios, Finite, and Myriad.

Diagonios. Designed by Cresta Bledsoe. Manufactured by Milliken.

Graphic Modular Wool Carpet

Diagonios. Designed by Cresta Bledsoe. Manufactured by Milliken. Crafted of rich, dense 40 oz. 100% wool, the Isos Collection features wool loop and tip shear construction. This durable, renewable, flame-retardant material is natural, which is important to Milliken because “finding ways to achieve higher performance from natural materials enriches our lives and our surroundings.” Diagonios. Designed by Cresta Bledsoe. Manufactured by Milliken. All of the patterns in the Isos Collection pay tribute to the classic triangle of the design and the square shape of the modular tile with “angle to angle boldness and simple, color-block graphics.” Diagonios splits a square into two equal triangles, focusing on the dynamism of the diagonal. Finite further cuts the shapes by splitting one of the equilateral triangles in half, creating three triangles inset in the square. The most complex pattern, Myriad, is composed of a diagonal shape made of eight triangles floating within a larger square of four triangles. Diagonios. Designed by Cresta Bledsoe. Manufactured by Milliken. Tonal colors highlight the shapes. Available in neutrals like Espresso, Camel, and Charcoal, or in neutrals with highlights of Periwinkle, Citron, Butter, Amber, or Aqua, the subtle colorways enhance the boldness of this modern collection. About the Manufacturer: Milliken manufactures chemicals, floor coverings, performance fabrics, protective fabrics, industrial textiles, specialty textiles, and composites. The company is a leader in scientific innovation, holding more than 5,000 patents worldwide. With 39 manufacturing facilities located in the U.S., U.K., Belgium, France and China, Milliken maintains a large international presence. Founded in 1865, Milliken thinks about its future: as a sustainable company long before the concept gained acceptance, Milliken has been named Ethisphere™ Magazine's 2011 "World's Most Ethical Companies" for the 6th year in a row.
Posted May 28, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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