The Airley Dual Entry Sled with Book Basket by Vanerum Stelter

With late May already forecasting the airless heat of summer days ahead, surely the last thing on anyone’s mind is a school classroom. Unless, that is, you’re either an administrator or teacher who likes to plan for fall, or, unfortunately, you’re stuck in the stifling halls of dreaded summer school. Whatever the reason, if you’ve got school in mind you’d do wise to educate yourself about Vanerum Stelter’s Airley Dual Entry Sled.

Airley Dual Entry Sled with Book Basket. Manufactured by Vanerum Stelter.

The Airley Dual Entry Sled with Book Basket is a One-Stop Sanctuary for Education

This nifty, multi-functional furnishing will organize the messy and sharpen the dullest of pencils—it will, in short order, expose the least inspired of students to the bare elements of learning.

The Airley Dual Entry Sled is a combo seat-desk with, you guessed it, equally easy ingress from right or from left. This common sense feature will prevent lefties from feeling alienated, as it facilitates orderly classroom rows while establishing a sharp, stylish aesthetic.

On that subject, the chair half of this chair-desk unit goes toe to toe with the classics of Mid Century Modern. This handsome one-piece shell is constructed of injection-molded, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene. And it’s comfortable too—the enhanced curvature of the rigid polypropylene shell creates “excellent flexibility and ergonomics, suitable for active or passive seating.”

Airley Dual Entry Sled with Book Basket. Manufactured by Vanerum Stelter.

The piece is durable as well. Thickened seat pan sides facilitate extra impact resistance; custom plastic screws adhere seat to frame while reducing pull-out forces; and a 1.25” 16-gauge tubular chromed aluminum base offers excellent durability.

At 24” W x 18” H x 17.5” D, the Airley Dual Entry Sled is compact enough to keep the look light and lively, while spacious enough to accommodate students of all sizes. Vanerum Stelter offers Airley in multiple colors and varied worktop materials—“available in our complete range of Airley shell color options and hard plastic worksurface finishes.”

About the Manufacturer: Despite the exotic-sounding name, Vanerum Stelter is an American furniture company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Producers of desking, seating, shelving, and other assorted products for the education market, the company believes that ergonomic design can help students learn and educators teach. Vanerum Stelter creates i3 environments: environments that are interactive, integrated, and inspirational.

Posted May 24, 2012 by Joseph Starr

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