Sound Off!: Silence the Noise with Oktav by Christian Halleröd for Kinnarps

The one negative aspect of living and working in a house with a great room (great being a general classifier as opposed to a measure of actual space) is noise. While I type away, I am subject to all types of sounds: coffee brewing in the kitchen, music playing in the background, the dog scratching on the door, etc. and so forth. And my house is relatively quiet. I can only imagine the barrage of noises I would be exposed to working in a traditional office. This was the problem that designer Christian Halleröd had to solve, since “approximately 57 per cent of those who work in open office landscapes feel that the noise level is disturbing.” His Oktav sound absorber for Swedish company Kinnarps is the antidote for bare, echoing walls.

Oktav sound absorber. Designed by Christian Halleröd. Manufactured by Kinnarps.

Wall Panels Provide Colorful Sound Absorption

Oktav sound absorber. Designed by Christian Halleröd. Manufactured by Kinnarps.

Oktav sound absorbing wall panels come in a variety of colors; they “can be arranged in interesting patterns and colours in offices to create a dynamic interior,” explains the designer. Using quality fabrics such as Delta, Blazer, and Mistrika, Oktav tiles add a splash of color and texture in a stylish bas-relief geometrical shape that resembles a slanted houndstooth check. Since Oktav is light and easily mounted on walls, the sound absorber provides an excellent solution for modern work and study spaces. Cover an office in a monochromatic red scheme to create a feature wall, or choose a checkerboard pattern in neutral grays to fashion a subtle partition—perfect for a conference room, school hallway, or office library.

Oktav sound absorber. Designed by Christian Halleröd. Manufactured by Kinnarps.

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About the Manufacturer: Kinnarps designs and manufactures furniture for office and education environments. Established in 1942 by Jarl and Evy Andersson, the company remains 100% family owned; its current CEO, Henry Jarlsson, is the son of Kinnarps' founders. With a corporate commitment to low environmental impact solutions, Kinnarps offers a multitude of products that save space and protect natural resources: the company uses a growing percentage of FSC-certified wood. Kinnarps runs eight production plants, six in Sweden and two in Germany. The company’s portfolio includes desk and guest chairs, work and conference tables, and storage and screen systems.

Posted March 5, 2012 by Alicita Rodriguez

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