Get “Liberi in Cucina” with Freestanding Kitchen Storage by Alpes

Every time Karim Rashid steps up to the design plate it's as if the design world stepped on a land mine of imaginative color combination that explodes into new patterns on new templates. My mom, an avid chef in the kitchen, was quite literally shell-shocked by the modern designs he spread across his latest canvas, the kitchen storage pieces of the Liberi in Cucina collection by Alpes. Whether it is Rashid's swirling design or the natural wood that warms its steel components, these are the latest designs getting prepped for their red carpet moment at the upcoming Eurocucina debut this April.

Liberi in Cucina kitchen storage units. Designed by Karim Rashid. Manufactured by Alpes.

A Kaleidoscope Pattern and a Natural Oak Finish Stand Out in the Liberi in Cucina Collection for Alpes

If the Italian manufacturer sounds familiar, you may have seen the March 2010 article we wrote which included their freestanding stainless steel kitchen blocks. In a similar fashion to the famous steel collection, the new pieces added to their Liberi in Cucina collection share the same variety in storage alone. Obviously the amplification of touch and visual sensation is the major difference between their 2010 and 2012 collections, but the high class, quality pieces for your kitchen landscape by Alpes consistently prove to reach for the next gorgeous solution to kitchen space with fashion in mind.

Liberi in Cucina kitchen storage units. Designed by Karim Rashid. Manufactured by Alpes.

Liberi in Cucina kitchen storage units in Natural Oak. Manufactured by Alpes.

The racy colors of Rashid's swirling, retro pattern will be on display alongside the Liberi in Cucina wood-finished pieces during the Milan Furniture Fair, April 17-22, 2012. While it may be hard to pick and choose your favorite kitchen door or drawer piece, personally, I'd combing the wood cabinet with the Rashid's design of the stove and kitchen storage column. Both the kitchen column as well as the cupboard can be fitted with a various sizes of refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, or pantry. The column measures 26.7"W x 65"H, and the cupboard (with two doors) is almost double the width for wider storage, measuring 50"W x 65"H.

Liberi in Cucina kitchen storage units. Designed by Karim Rashid. Manufactured by Alpes.

Without going overboard, splurging on the perfect accent piece for your stainless steel appliances or muted countertops is not an easy project. By relying on the splendor of natural oak to bring in an earthy texture or the glossy pattern created by Karim Rashid, both have enriched the Alpes' Liberi in Cucina collection with an explosion of 21st century style.

About the Manufacturer: Alpes has been manufacturing nickel-chrome alloy stainless steel kitchen equipment since Nico Moretto founded the company some 50+ years ago. His ideas based on research and development have surpassed conventional kitchen manufacturers with a dedicated vision and passion for quality. By reaching with collaborative designers like Karim Rashid, the ever-evolving style and trendsetting nature of Alpes creates the Liberi in Cucina collection that contains kitchen storage units and freestanding kitchen blocks in stainless steel, wood surfaces, and designs.

Posted March 8, 2012 by Sonja Hall

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