Cake Table by Kenji Mizumo of Mizmiz Design

In gorgeous little slivers of strawberry, blueberry, lemon, and chocolate, we can all have our Cake and eat it too. Well, maybe not our own Cake, it's been designed by a Tokyo-born designer named Kenji Mizumo - and perhaps not eat it, but rather eat on it. This scrumptious little design is known simply as the Cake Table by Mizmiz Design.

Cake Table. Designed by Kenji Mizumo of Mizmiz Design.

The Colorful Cake Tables by Kenji Mizumo for Mizmiz Design are Modular and Versatile.

Shown during the Tokyo Designer's Week earlier in 2011, Mizumo's triangular tables were plated next to some of the most innovative and high tech designs in the world. Yet without attempting to compete in the realm of super techy, the Cake Tables found there place neatly in the mix with laminate colors that formed an eye-catching display of lights, darks, cool and warm shades, and everything in between.

Cake Table. Designed by Kenji Mizumo of Mizmiz Design.

As designer Kenji Mizumo says, "CakeTable can make various tables-style by a combination. I give security by triangular universal form and, by the pleasant form such as the cake, give us pleasure of the life as interior and an art object." Using its dainty 24" x 14" triangular form, the table transforms itself into a larger unit given the way multiple tables can fit together. That way, it gives you the option to separate them into singular units, or combine them to make a larger surface that might form a larger coffee table verses a neat end table on either sides of a sofa or bed.

Cake Table. Designed by Kenji Mizumo of Mizmiz Design.

Truly essence of modular form, the Cake Table by Kenji Mizumo for Mizmiz Design comes in your choice of laminate to make sure your interior space is perfectly synced - just like your preferred flavor combination.

About the Designer: Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1974, Kenji Mizuno of Mizmiz Design began his architectural career after finishing from Kogakuin University in 2003 with a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. Since then, he moved further into the world of design by creating his own company, Mizmiz Design, which explore the world of Art, Space, Architecture, Furniture, and Product development.

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